Easy hair removal methods without visiting parlor

The effect of pandemic and lockdown is seen everywhere now. This is important for all of us in this fight against Corona. Being homebound, many are enjoying family time, whereas many are facing several problems. Especially for ladies, a glance in the mirror definitely strikes the need to visit the parlor. Be it a working woman or a homemaker, body, and facial hair is indeed an embarrassing problem, which makes it essential to visit the parlor. Many believe that hair removal is a time-consuming and clumsy task and hence prefer parlor visits. However, during such pandemic and lockdown restrictions for saloons and parlors, getting rid of unwanted hair is getting a big issue. Here are some budget-friendly and skin-friendly ways to get smooth and hair-free skin.

Shaving- this is a commonly used, affordable, and popular hair removal method. You just need to make the desired area wet, lather it up using shaving cream or gel and then shave in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Nowadays, different types of electric shavers and disposable razors are also available in the market. However, in this method, hair gets removed at skin level only. Therefore, hair can grow faster.

Hair removal creams this is also easy to use, convenient and effective method to remove unwanted hair. Also known as depilatories, such creams have chemicals, which weaken the hair structure. Just apply the cream on the desired area in the direction of hair growth, wait for 5 to 10 minutes, and then use a plastic scraper to remove the cream and the hair in the opposite direction. Wash it off and pat dry. As these creams use chemicals, sometimes, it can cause allergies, irritation, dryness, or skin rashes. Therefore, it is important to do a patch allergy test before using such creams.

Waxing- This hair removal technique is the most effective way to remove hair. This method makes use of wax to get rid of hair from the root. Warm wax is applied to the desired area in the direction of hair growth, and then a strip of cloth or paper is ripped away to remove the wax along with the unwanted hair in the opposite direction. Many women prefer this method as it works at the root level. However, it is messy and uncomfortable too.

Wax strips– as waxing method using hot wax is messy and can cause burns; many prefer cold waxing method. Nowadays, ready to use wax strips are available in the market that make the task of removing unwanted hair easily and mess-free. Furthermore, you can get these wax strips according to your skin type- normal, dry as well as sensitive skin. You can get the same long-lasting results like waxing and that too easily and conveniently.

So, what are you waiting for? Find the method that suits you the best and get ready to have smooth hair-free skin easily at home now.

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